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      rebekah powell

      the ‘innocent’ guy? haha. Well, everyone does stuff that could be considered ‘innocent’ but I just believe that everyone does the best they can at the time! So therefore in a way, everyone is ‘innocent’ as they just do the best they can.

      Gaston thought his actions were going to get belle – he just didn’t get it I suppose :)


      I do play the King in Sleeping Beauty but he’s just as crazy. But he’s not the villain if that’s what you mean!! ;)

      I like villains because they have depth and have a lot of internal frustration about not being able to create what they thought was best for themselves and others. It’s nice to do that on stage because it means I don’t have to experience those sorts of things in real life. I’ve been doing stuff since primary school but these sorts of shows since the year 2000.

      Thanks for writing!


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