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      Message from Tara Barclay (Age 12) from Eltham college – tbarclay@elthamcollege.vic.edu.au

      Message to: Hunchback of Notre Dame Characters

      Dear Father too-go and Jock the Croc,

      I enjoyed your musical because it was funny and entertaining.

      I liked Jock the croc because he was a cool croc and he good for little kids because he was funny and it taught them not to bully people. If you say bullying is good then more people will bully and if you say its bad less and less people will bully.

      Father too-go was a great charter. He made heaps of cool jokes. He was also good for little kids. Jokes are great for plays because it give heaps of entertainment to the audience and the will enjoy it more. This charter told people not to judge a book by its cover or in your case don’t judge someone by their looks.

      All together I thought that jock and Father too-go were the best 2 charters in the play/

      Lots of love

      Tara Barclay.


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