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      Penny Ryder

      Hi all,

      Loved all your questions! Katja answered most of them, so I’ll just answer the questions that apply to me.

      Much the same as Katja I love performing as Zeus in Hercules with Alpha. It’s great fun. I’m full of a bunch of different feelings when I perform. Adrenaline is pumping which gives me the great energy I need to give everyone the best performance I can. I get a bunch of other feelings that really help out too; excitement, focus, pretty much whatever my character is feeling in the next scene. plus I do get nervous. It may sound strange but nerves actually help out with performing once you learn to accept them. They make you more aware of what’s going on and help you concentrate and remember what you’re doing.

      This is my first show with Alpha, and I’m having a great time. I chose to audition for Alpha because I love performning so much, and the man who taught me Stage Combat, Kyle, let me know that the Alpha team were looking for someone to play Zeus. After my audition, I found out that I got the part, and I began learning my script. the rest is history.

      I hope that answered some of your questions.

      Stand Tall. You guys ROCK!

      Dave B.

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