Really good acting – message from Alex Coath to Headless Har

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      Message from Alex Coath (Age 11) from eltham colllege –

      Message to: Headless Harry

      Dear Mark,

      I am amazed at how well you played both of your roles. You put on an amazing show voice and you were loud and confident. My favorite character in the play was Harry the ghost because he joked about his head being off like casual conversation and liked playing tricks on people yet helped Quasimodo with all of his problems. The Jester was a good character too and hew acted a lot like a really funny narrator. You made a lot of startling actions to catch the audience’s attention. How did you do all of the practice to get all of that so perfect in one year? Did the jester use the microphone around the back?


      Alexander Coath Eltham College Student Year 5/6J

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