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      realname: MAI
      school: Concord School
      position: Teacher
      actorsperformancesoutof10: 10
      actorsperformancescomments: They were excellent!
      setscostumesetcoutof10: 9
      setslightingetccomments: We liked the costumes. The lighting was good to let you know when it was an evil scene.
      storyscriptoutof10: 9
      storyscriptcomments: The script was funny and we liked the trolls (Veg and Mite).
      conductoutof10: 9
      conductcomments: VEry professional
      overallproductionoutof10: 10
      overallproductioncomments: Excellent
      improvements: We loved the show. We don’t think it could be improved.
      likebestcomments: We liked the kissing scene, the sword fight and when he sang about loving his true love. The lights on the walls making patterns was great. We liked the music because it was songs that we knew.

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