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      Message from colleen (Age Prep (5-6 years old)) from St Mark’s School, Dingley

      Message to: Everyone

      Dear Cast of Sleeping Beauty,

      Thank you for coming to St. Mark’s school and putting on the show for us. We really liked your dancing and singing.

      Prep A thought the funniest part of the show was the sword fighting and the kissing. We liked it a lot when Malificent was acting like a chicken!

      We think that Jamie couldn’t go and rescue Rose straight away because he thought that Malificent was so strong and he was scared that he couldn’t rescue her and she would sleep forever.

      To make him feel more confident, Jamie got a magic sword and they sang him a song that would make him feel better and strong.

      Veg and Mite were very different because Veg was the funny one Mite was the copy cat. Veg was a good guy in the end and everyone in our grade would do the right thing too if it was us.

      Malificent was crazy and mean because she needed to be bad so she could lead Veg and Mite and we didn’t like when she locked Jamie in the dungeon. She wanted to hurt Rose because she was angry and evil because she didn’t want Rose to marry the Prince.

      Our favourite characters were Princess Rose because she was nice and kind and pretty, Veg because he was silly and funny and because he threw the Playstation on the floor and Jamie because he was nice and handsome and very brave.

      Thank you again for coming. We really enjoyed the show.

      From Prep A at St. Mark’s Primary School in Dingley.

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