Some cheers for Alpha! (RANDOM TO THE MAX)

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      Number 1:

      Once there was a frog,

      Who sat upon a log,

      He barracked for the other team,

      He had no sense at all,

      He fell into a puddle,

      Was just about to drown,

      When he caught the Alpha spirit and he would not let us down,

      Go, Go Alpha, Go the mighty Alpha,

      Fight, Fight Alpha, Fight the mighty Alpha,

      Win, Win Alpha, Win the mighty Alpha,

      Go, Fight, Win,

      Do the Alpha thing!

      Number 2:

      Turn on the radio, what do ya hear?

      Alpha, Alpha, give us a cheer,

      We’re gonna beat’em, bust’em

      That’s our custom,

      Go Alpha!

      Lol, just something random.

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