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      Katherine Sleaman

      Hey Singleton Heights,

      It’s Mark (Hercules) here. It’s GREAT to hear from you all and I’ll have a go at answering a few of the questions that are directed towards me…I’ll let the rest of the cast answer the other question:

      ZAC – That’s awesome that you enjoyed the show so much…don’t tell anyone, but your school was one of my favourites to visit.

      The swords ARE real, made from real metal. Although they looked sharp, the swords are actually really blunt-so we don’t accidently cut eachother.

      Myself and the actors who played Hades and Zeus were all trained how to use the swords safely, but to make it look as real(and as cool) as possible.

      The name of the guy who trained us to use the swords is Kyle, he also coreographed the light saber fight scenes in Star Wars EP II and III….pretty cool hey?!

      The bricks that we used in the show were actually made of foam and I’m not entirely sure if I can lift up 3 REAL bricks, I’ve never tried before.

      LACHLAN – Kissing Meg in the show is fun because it’s all part of acting and playing the character of Hercules and I LOVE acting.

      But just so you know…Hayley(Meg) and I are just friends away from the show, we only kiss because it’s our job.

      FRANCIS – Thanks very much…I think you’re pretty cool too

      FRANKLIN – My favourite part of making ‘Hercules’ is when I get to talk to the audience and ask them questions and when you guys all play really FULL OUT. Because there’s always a different audience, every show is different and that makes it really exciting.

      NELSON – I’m glad that you liked the star wars music. Did you see what I wrote to Zac about the sword fights??

      Kyle also coreographed the fight scene with the Achelous’ and I think that looks really cool too.

      I have seen Transformers and Power Rangers and I think they’re really cool…my favourite is the black power ranger. Who’s yours?

      Thanks so much for all the great questions.

      You guys ROCK!!!!

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