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      Katherine Sleaman

      Dear all the fabulus Hercules actors,

      Thanks for a great show! All the children thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next alpha show I can attend. My year two class have written some little comments for you as well as a few questions. Thanks once again! You’ve started a little phenomena of 123 you rock! Thanks so much for the positive role modelling! :D

      Katherine Sleaman (Singleton Heights)

      I like how you performed at the show yesterday. YOU ROCK! – Kiri

      To Meg, I liked it when you kissed Hercules. – Natalie

      Dear Meg, You were a very good actor. I was very happy watching the show. What was your favourite thing to do? – Chloe

      To Weasel, Why didn’t you do the Alvin and the Chipmunk moves? – Josh

      Dear Hercules, I really liked the show. You’re a really good actor. Are they real swords because the looked really sharp. Can you really lift up three bricks. It was a great show. My favourite part was when you fought Hades. – Zac

      Dear Alpha Show, I loved your show. My favourite part of the show was when Pegasus sung Solja Boy. – Zac

      Dear Muse, My name is Corey. You were my favourite character because you played Fates and Pegasus. My favourite part was the first song. You were a great singer. Write back soon. – Corey

      Dear Everyone, I really enjoyed the show. It was great. wonderful, fantastic. I loved it because the characters were awesome. Wht is your favourite thing about acting? – MacKenzie

      Dear Meg, I really liked how your play and your hair. Dear the muse, I like your gress and singing. Dear Pegasus I like Solja Boy and I loved your suit as well. – Florence

      Dear Meg, My name is Emily and I enjoyed your show. I liked your dress and hair. You looked very pretty. Did you like being Hades helper? What was the best show you have acted in? Did you play any other characters? Who do you like the most out of the other characters? Did you know all of the characters when you first started acting? You were the best actor out of the lot because you looked like you were crying when you were sad in thw show. – Emily

      To Phil, I liked the show. Why did you stop Hercules and Meg kissing? – Kirby

      Hercules did you like kissing the girl? – Lachlan

      Hi, my name is Francis. I think Hades is cool. But the best thing about Hercules is he is cool. – Francis

      Hi Hades and Hercules, Why is Weasel your servant and Why do you wear a skull helmet on your head? Hercules what is your favourite part of making Hercules? – Franklin

      To Hades, I liked the show and it was awesome. The best part was when you put Solja Boy on and Low. I liked when they kissed. – William

      Dear Meg, I really liked your hair. Thanks for being a great actor. – Maggie

      I like you so much Meg and the others too. – Olivia

      Hercules, I like the part when the Star Wars music came on with the swords. I like the part where you kicked Achelous’. Have you seen Transformers and Power Rangers? – Nelson

      I like you because it was fun. – Caitlin

      Dear Meg, Hercules and Everyone else. Our whole class loved your show. Meg are you in love with Hercules? My name is Tori. I liked the girls the best. The bull was bad. Were the swords real and the armour? Meg I love your red dress. What were all you favourite part. I’ll see you soon. Bye. – Tori

      Thanks once again. My class loved you!

      1-2-3 YOU ROCK!

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