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      St. Andrew’s

      I’ll answer the first question! Yes we do sometimes go to high schools, usually schools who have a primary section too (like a P-12 school). We have performed our shows up to year 12! Often a school will have 2 shows, have the P-4 in one show and then 5-9 in another show. Some smaller "AREA" schools, like Lucindale Area school we go to, have up to Year 10 there to make up their numbers.

      It doesn’t seem to matter the age but our shows seem to be enjoyed by all ages nowadays. Sometimes some people might complain that we use the word ‘bum’ or some other common G-rated word, but we generally are enjoyed by all kinds of people.

      I’ll let Ashley or Mark talk about how to do other character voices, and maybe someone else about the other question. Katja or Ashley?

      Obviously we are quite experienced in what we do so the senior people of the company direct and choreograph the shows and tell the new performers how to do it, but everyone also brings their own style to everything we do. There’s a lot of freedom as well.

      if you want to know more about how we perform our shows, you can go to and download the ALPHA ACTORS MANUAL. It gives instructions to new actors on how to perform an Alpha show.

      Thanks for writing!


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