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      St. Andrew’s

      Hey guys! Thanks so much for writing!

      In terms of how we do all the different character voices, they simply came about from experimentation during rehearsal. It’s good fun to muck around with silly voices, and that is exactly what I did while we were rehearsing for the show until I came up with something that I thought suited the character.

      The voice of my character, Luminaire for example, came from starting with a very nasal sound, and with the help of a (slighty dodgy!) french accent, became the rough/nasal/funny sounding voice that you guys heard. Also, another tip to creating funny voices is to have a really strong inner smile (a smile that feels like its coming from the very back/inside of your jaw)…this adds a lot of strength to the voice and makes it sound funny…

      Thanks so much again for your questions…I hope you can have some fun playing around with some silly voices for yourselves! :)

      – Mark :) (Jiggins/Luminaire)

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