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      St. Andrew’s

      Hey everybody!!

      Good luck with your voices! Puppets are a great place to start when you are trying some different voices. Further to what mark was talking about, try to use all the different areas of your voice. You can talk really high, really low, out of the side of your mouth, out of the back of your mouth, out of the top of your throat, out of the bottom of your throat and everywhere in between. If you use all of these different places to speak from, then it won’t sound like the on voice all of the time (that’s how the guys on the simpsons do it!!)

      Another good trick is to look at your puppet, and try and stand and look like it – then try and figure out what type of voice that character would use. I find it a lot easier to come up with a voice if I feel like the character. Think about how old the character is, where they are from, are they happy or sad? are they are a person or an animal? if its an animal do they talk like that particular animal sounds? Have a whole lot of fun coming up with voices, its always lots of fun!!

      As far as tips from and to other performers, we give tips to other performers when they want it and ask for it. I personally love to get tips from other performers aswell. I find its the best way to learn new skills and techniques, because everybody has a different experience performing, and whatever problems you are having, there is usually someone who has had the problem before!! Same goes for anything really I guess….. If you want to get better at something, find some other people who like the same thing as you and talk about it with them, whatever it is!!

      Have fun guys,


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