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      Cool! we love your school and that show rocked. thanks for writing, i’ll try to answer some of your questions.

      i dunno ashley – do you work out? don’t think he does tho! WOOO CJ!!! yeah!

      real swords, i get a guy in sydney who runs a stage combat school to get em for me. Don’t know where he gets them from.

      We rehearsed over about 5 days or so. We had done a tour of Cinderella before last year with other people, so it’s easier to get a new tour up and running when that’s the case. For a new show, like Hercules this year, we did 9 days.

      I think Beady is just being himself, not trying to be cool. But he’s a bit of a gangsta yeah

      ben is 193cm, jen is 163cm

      Acting is difficult and it also isn’t, when you do it for the right reasons – kinda the way it works in anything really. if you love something, it becomes easier. But it’s hard to train and hone your skill to ensure you’re good enough to have an impact on the audience.

      Job? I wouldn’t do anything else now, but i used to design web sites in london before getting an acting job touring shows back in the year 2000.

      the scripts take a little while to write but also once you get a structure and know kinda what’s going to happen, then you can speed thru it really quick. So it takes quite a while from when you first think about writing a certain story but once you’ve gotten how it’ll work in your head, maybe a week or 2?

      How to stop laughing on stage… yes this is a common thing. Part of it is just practice, we make all the silly jokes in rehearsals, and get it out then, and once we’ve done it enough we’re desensitized to the jokes. But I think you might be referring to laughing because of being embarrassed. Because the reason we do these shows is because we really love giving the audience a great show and having them hava an awesome time, we HAVE to think about and focus on the audience in order to do this. The only way we would laugh by being embarrassed is if we were thinking about ourselves or worrying about bad things people might think of us, or what our friends think etc…. The only way you can be embarrassed like that is by being selfish, and we like to think we’re not selfish actors on stage so therefore all your energy and focus goes out to them. That way you no longer feel embarrassed or feel like laughing! That way it’s easy. If you ever feel like, that, just think about others, ask the questions – how can i make the experience for this other person or people even better right now?

      Costumes take about 6 months all up but that’s kinda a lot of different things that happen and not solid work. Jodie, our costume designer, has to do a lot of research then she buys fabrics and supplies, then works maybe for 2 months in total. She’s great, she works hard and loves what she does.

      no we don’t have to mend the dress – JOdie made it with velcro so it just goes back on.

      You guys rock, great questions, we’ll see you next year or at a open to the public show.

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