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      Dear Alpha Show performers,

      We all had a great time watching the performance yesterday, and would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work. The show was really exciting because of the music and the lighting effects!!! We thought the smoke machine was awsome and we thought the dancing was brilliant. :P

      We enjoyed many parts of the show especially Beady jumping and ducking the broom from the Evil Step Mother. The Evil step Mother singing ‘Gold digger.’ The sword fight, Prince and Cinderella kissing, the Prince learning to dance. Those of us who were lucky enough, loved getting up on stage and dancing. :D

      We have lots of questions for the cast, and we hope that you will write back to us.

      -Does Ashely work out – because he picked CJ up?

      -Where did you get the real swords from?

      – How long did you rehearse?

      -Is Beady a gangster or just trying to be cool?

      -How tall is Ben and how short is Jen?

      -Is acting a difficult job?

      -What job would you have if you weren’t an actor?

      -Ben – how long did it take to write the script?

      -How do you stop yourself from laughing on stage?

      -How long does it take to make the costumes?

      -Do you have to mend the dress after it is ripped apart?

      Once again thank you for a wonderful performance and we hope to see you again sometime next year.

      Yours Sincerely,

      5E Carrum Downs Primary.

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