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      Message from Heather Hysted (Age 48) from Healesville Primary School –

      Message to: Everyone

      Thank you for the wonderful production that you performed today at Healesville Primary School. The following are some reflections from my class.

      Thanks again,

      Heather Hysted

      I liked the princess, she was beautiful. Her name was Laura. She kissed Mark. Laura said to the Beast, ‘I will not have dinner with the Beast.’


      To Luke,

      I liked you doing funny jokes. Do you like to come to our school? It is a clean school.

      Jason B

      Dear Luke,

      You were really funny when you copied Ben. You are cool. When you were pretending you were dead and making funny faces, you are so funny. When you were the lantern, I liked the french voice.


      To Luke,

      You were really funny. I liked it when you said ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G!’ It was fun! PS I like you!

      I am eight years old.

      From Sam.

      Dear Luke,

      You were funny when you copied Ben. You are cool! When you were pretending you had fainted, it was good. You are funny!

      From Luke

      To Luke,

      I like when you did the silly dance and when you pretended you were dead. You scared Ben. My favourite part was when you scared Ben.

      From Rachelle Leigh

      I liked Luke when he said, ‘Laura and Ben sitting in a tree kissing. When I’m an actor, I will save up money to get a camera, so I can be an actor.


      I like Luke, he is cool! I liked when he ran around Gaston. And you are the candle!


      To Alex,

      You are funny and playful from Kiera Sky Heatherich.

      To Laura,

      I liked your wedding dress from Kiera Sky Heatherich.

      To Luke,

      You were so funny from Kiera Sky Heatherich.

      To Alex,

      My name is Stephanie. I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. It was good. I liked the way you acted. I used to have a dog, but it died. Why did you go ‘Roof?’

      I like you Luke because you were funny and silly and you were my favourite. Oh yeah Luke you were the candle. From Liam

      PS You were the best.

      To Luke,

      I liked you when you said ‘k-i-s-s-i-n-g!’ That was funny. You were the funniest in the show. My favourite character was the candle character.

      From Michael

      Dear Luke,

      You were the best in the act because you were funny. It was good when you faked you were dead. It was funny!

      From Sami

      To Luke,

      You were funny and you were the candle.


      To Luke,

      You were really funny when you played dead and scared Ben, and copied Ben, and made fun of Ben. Good work!

      from James

      To Luke,

      My favourite was you! I thought you were funny! How did you learn to be so funny?

      From Kane

      To Laura,

      You were funny when you pushed Ben. It was funny when you said, ‘No!’ for dinner with the Beast.


      To Luke,

      You were really funny when you pretended you were dead, but you were entertaining. It was funny when you pulled faces, and copied Ben.


      To Luke,

      You are cool and funny and you rock! I liked when you made a fool of Ben.

      Jason C

      To Luke,

      You were great when you tricked Ben by playing dead, and when you copied Ben. It was funny!


      To Luke,

      You were my favourite. You’re totally cool! I liked your character.


      Alexandra you talk funny! I liked the way you weed on Ben. You were the best Alexandra. I liked the way you screamed.


      To Alex,

      You look like my cousin Amber. I have two dogs. Their names are Beller and Mayde. Mayde looks like you did.


      To Luke,

      You are the best because you are funny and cool! You are great at dancing. I was so excited. Luke is 23 I think. Thanks for the autograph. I like Luke because he is funny and when he was playing dead on the floor and he jumped up, it was good!


      Luke is the best out of all the rest. Where did you take your clothes off? Thank you for your autograph.


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