thinking we were going to your show, but it wasnt you guys!!

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      Message from keely (Age 8) from St Marys Whittlesea

      Message to: Everyone

      Hi to all the cast. My mum got tickets for me, my sis and bro and cousins and even the mothers group for a show called Red Riding Hood at Plenty Ranges Arts Conv Cntre at South Morang today. We told everyone how cool it was going to be because we saw Sleeping Beauty and Hercules there. We were dissapointed however, because we soon realised it wasnt you guys. Although it was OK, it was not as cool as your show and we felt ripped off. My mum and Auntie were dissapointed too because they even enjoy your shows. Next time we will check and make sure it is you guys before we buy tickets!!! Are you going to do shows there again? We told the people who work there that your shows are better and they said they will get you back there again. I hope so!! Thanks for listening. You guys are soooo cool. Love Keely.

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