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      Message from rlucas (Age 6-7) from Mildura South P.S

      Message to: Everyone

      To Alha studio’s. Hello thak-you for comeing to Mildura sout hprimary school. How are you today. my favourite pat was wan you were walking around with you’re head on your ame. I learnt that it doesnt matter if you look ugly on the otsad. I was wondering if you gat hot in tham clothes. from Laura.

      Dear Alpha Studies Hello My name is Jack How are you? My favourite part was when the joker came out i learnt bullies always end up with no friends did you get hot in those costumes i hop you came back next year from jack.

      Dear Alpha studios. Hello. my name is Koby. How are you? Thank-you for doing the show! we reall loveed it! The funniest par was when the gost skaered ben. I learnt taht is doesnt matter waht you like. I hope you come back next year. From Koby

      Dear Alpha studios. Hello my name is Tarlia. How are you? Thank-you coming and do thw show, we really loved it! The funniest part was when Ashley push Ben over. My favourite par was when Ben and Chris fioued with srous. I learnt bullies always end up with no friends. I rell hope you come back next year. Thank-you From Tarlia

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