you rock – message from thalia mcfarlane to Esmerelda

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      Message from thalia mcfarlane (Age 10) from Horsham West Primary School –

      Message to: Esmerelda

      dear Esmerelda

      I saw your show at school on the 10 of the 11 and it was great. I heard that this was one of your first shows and you were GREAT! all the other charactors were good too especially Madam Devile and Jock but you, you were the BEST! The best part was how you were able to sing along and SHOUT! Our class got colouring sheets and I wabted to get one of you and Quazzie but they were all gone so I got madam Devile but she was good too.

      Could you maybe write to me at My name is thalia Mcfarlane. If you send me an email can you also send a photo. Just remember YOU RULE!

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