Your show @ Lucindale today =]

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      well that was me who made that happen! They were planning it for just R-7!!! I made us wait and confirm we could use the gym and said to bring EVERYONE along, the whole school. They made it work and you guys got a good deal, instead of paying for students that weren’t coming (Alpha has a minimum amount we have to charge for each show)

      And we are SO excited to have seen you finally! :)

      Great show, glad you appreciated the random extra bits, the cullen joke ashley was disappointed with – the script I wrote says to say "what about anakin skywalker", and he changed it but thought nobody laughed!!! So we’re glad you laughed – but you gotta make it louder next time!!!!

      So Lucindale were good, but yeah, you were a little bit quieter than we remember. And SOME of the year 10’s or 11’s may not have been that keen on being there, but from my point of view it seemed like everyone enjoyed it, I liked the boy that was on my side that was sitting a bit to your right, 2nd row of chairs.

      Little kids were great, but I’m just so pleased it all worked out and you all could come.


      thanks for writing, see you next year cause the school is planning on having us for the whole school again in the gym.

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