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      Hi Ben,

      I know you’re probably getting a bit weary of these financial questions, and i understand if you’d prefer not to answer my question, but, if you’re able to, I was interested in Alpha’s cash flows for this current year.

      I noted from an earlier posting that Alpha is currently sitting on -$4k profit, and that you still had some expenses to pay for Sleeping Beauty. What system is in place to fund the losses at the moment? I’m not trying to pry, but interested as it may affect the ability for Alpha to fund some of the strategies we’re thinking about, and if so, what sort of capabilities does Alpha have to spend in the upcoming months?

      I understand this area can be confidential, and so just an indication of the amounts we have to play with would be really beneficial.

      Thankyou for your patience!

      Simone. :oops:

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