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      another post has sales figures, another post has number of clients. I’ll just add a few stats here to help even more…

      148 shows in 2005, average price $xxxx

      i will not know average profit per show until the end of the year, it’s impossible to work out (there is no set amount of ‘cost’ per show because it depends on how many shows we do). That’s what your job is to get us more shows so that cost per show goes down. There are very few fixed costs per show.

      One is actors. They cost $132 each for a day (of 2 shows or more), and we have 6 in each show. Diesel costs, and accommodation costs vary, depends on how many of the shows are regional etc. When we go to places other than metro melb, like adelaide and sydney in the future, note that it’s ALL regional touring so prices have to go up (or profit goes down). But if we can fit in 2 shows on one day every day we’re away regionally it changes the cost per show if we were, say, only doing 1 show a day and staying regionally, driving out to wodonga for 1 show compared to 10 shows changes the cost per show substantially.

      Having more clients just means being more flexible in this and scheduling actually becomes easier because you have more clients to play with and can usually get a great result in keeping costs down. At a guess cost per show is probably close to $xx

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