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      well in the main folder there’s all the php files. Then in the ‘templates’ folder there is ‘subsilver’ and then in there is a lot of the templates for how things ‘look’. So you can change a lot of that. theres images folder in there too, so you can change any of those images if you want your images the same size.

      Yeah most phpBB are all the same – i mean, yes they’re all the same. They have customisations like mine does, you can add code to add functionality too, that’s kinda need. Like one thing this forum does functionally different is the ability to ‘forum watch’ an entire forum, rather than single threads (discussions). that way i can see any new topic or reply to any topic without have to subscribe to them, just by subscribing to the forum. it’s fun

      Hey i just bought a new mac G5, it’s fASSSSSTTTTTTTTT :D

      reply on here if you want more help with phpBB, but once you get into those folders you’ll start to see what it’s doing. The actual php is kinda tricky but if you stare at it long enough it’ll start to make sense.

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