Hi Fairy Godmother – message from Michael Svarc to Fairy Go

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      Michael Svarc

      Message from Michael Svarc (Age ) from Malvern Central school

      Message to: Fairy Godmother

      Hi Anne-Marie,

      I am not a student but did view your performance in Cinderella on Monday at malvern central school. I am one of the grade 1 teachers (Michael) who danced beside you briefly on stage in the first performance.

      Anyway, I know this must seem a bit strange but I just wanted to tell you that i think you are gorgeous (even as a step sister) and was wondering if you have a boyfriend. If you dont I was going to see if you would like to have a couple of drinks some time. I would have asked you in person but obviously didnt get a chance to meet you. (Was actually going to ask you last year as well).

      I hope you dont get freaked out. I just thought this would be a fun suprise way to ask you. If you are not interested then obviously thats fine. Just let me know either way.


      P.S Just for the record…i also think you are the best actor….and very funny. I know its your job but you seem to have a lot of character yourself anyway.

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