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      Ok i understand what you are saying about only this year there are 68 clients that have chosen to rebook you for a performance….

      This means for the year 2005 you have a 30 percent rebooking rate i am assuming??

      Because if you had a 90 per cent rebooking rate for 2005 from all clients you have performed to previously then you would be performing to 209 clients for this year

      Why haven’t the other clients that have used your service not rebooked for this year??

      If you could…. sorry to be a pain, I just need this for some of the anaysis part of our report….

      1. Tell me how many clients in the first year you performed to obviously for the first time)

      2. Then how many clients you had in the 2nd year… …and how many of those had had a performance in 2003 before

      3. Then for 2005 I understand you have 111 clients. From this number is it 68 clients that have had performances for all three years?? Or just a performance before?

      I think that might make it easier for me to understand

      Thanks a bunch :!:

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