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      no i never said anything about a 30% rebooking rate. I said there has only been 12 clients that haven’t booked us again after the first show. That’s it.

      Your assumptions and stats are all a bit weird, I’m not sure how you are working it out.

      I have already explained why they haven’t rebooked us, there are various reasons but out of 279 shows that we have performed or will be performing this year, I’m not overly concerned about 12 schools. (remember, many clients have more than 1 show each as they are big schools).

      1. first year, 32 shows, 27 clients. 3 didn’t rebook, they are on the previous list and explanations are there.

      2. in 2004, we did 98 shows, 81 clients. 24 had had a show before. (obviously)

      3. in 2005, 111 clients, 149 shows. 68 have had a show before. 21 have had 2 shows before.

      that’s enough on this topic, I’m locking it now as I’ve explained this enough.

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