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      no 68 clients THIS YEAR have had an alpha show before. Not in total. All the others are NEW BOOKINGS. i don’t think you’re thinking that through. most of the people we perform to book again, but we also get new bookings all the time. the 230 clients includes all the clients that have had us 2 or 3 or 4 times, but it also includes the clients that are for bookings this year, in 2005. 111 to be exact. and none…NONE…of those have been performed yet, not until thursday do we start performances for 2005 at all. So we haven’t had a chance to ‘rebook’ them yet.

      97 clients have had an alpha show before on our records, however, remember that many of the records in our database are for schools from our first tour that don’t turn up in that found set because the first year they hadn’t had a show before (cause it was our first year!). and then all the subsequent years, in 2004 and 2005, all the new schools that haven’t had an alpha show either yet. so you can’t work out accurate percentages from the records in our database, just on the numbers. I have a wonderful report thing that groups each school together that tells me who hasn’t booked another show yet. theres only like 10 or 12. i’m focussing on them all the time to get them to rebook. it’s usually just scheduling, pricing or stupidity that is the block and eventually i get em.

      Here’s a list of schools that have only had 1 show and have had an opportunity to have another one but haven’t yet:

      1. Beverley Hills PS

      2. Doncaster Gardens PS

      3. Laburnum PS

      4. Milgate PS

      5. Melrose PS

      6. Oakleigh Sth PS

      7. Doveton Heights PS

      8. Brunswick North West PS

      9. Ivanhoe East PS

      10. Aberfeldie PS

      11. Footscray West PS

      12. Mill Park leisure centre

      milgate did book again but had to cancel due to something. Brunswick west same deal. mill park were going to but had to cancel due to low numbers in their school holiday program. melrose was our first year and we stuffed up (were late) and i don’t blame them for not booking. Doncaster gardens think it was just a one off because they had a ‘you can do it’ program in 2004. oakleigh sth was a strange school who wanted to do different things every year. ivanhoe east i’ve never got onto him to rebook. doveton heights are too poor to afford it. footscray was just in november and it’s too soon to hassle them. the rest i will eventually get to book.

      so i think in actuality our rebooking rate is higher than 90%.

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