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      it varies in schools. private schools normally just pay for it. the parents pay enough already. Most schools have an excursion levy that the parents pay at the start of each term/half year/year… $25 a term perhaps. They take the cost out of that. Some schools do just ‘pay it’… some make it a fundraiser. Some it’s a one off extra thing that they specifically send the kids home with a note to get parents to pay just for that.

      fun4kids pay us a flat fee for 6 shows. I’m not going to tell you what that is for courtesy to fun4kids. it’s comparable to any other show we get paid for, obviously a bit cheaper cos they’re getting so many shows. they also put us up in accommodation and give us food so they will be a bit cheaper then too.

      fed sq received an email newsletter that i do every month and she emailed me and booked sleeping beauty. the ‘freeness’ of it has nothing to do with me, that’s just what fed sq do, their holiday program stuff is always free. we’re still getting paid normal price.

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