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      We have offered free shows to schools who are disadvantaged, or we just think it would fit nicely into our schedule (ie. we have a hole we want to fill). Kananook in our first year got a free show as it was our dress rehearsal. Gowrie st got one cause we were already in shepparton and had a free day. malvern valley got one cause their school burnt down.

      We have done an education conference before but they are hard to get into because they normally don’t have time for something like us. We got 2 bookings from that. We did a 20 minute excerpt from Beauty and the Beast. they loved it.

      We haven’t done any other free shows. We were in talks with Chadstone to do one but I felt it wasn’t really worth it. Federation Square is not a ‘free show’, it’s just they don’t charge for admission.

      Ideal audience number is as big as possible. We’ve done 800 before. We can do anything down to 180, unless the client is willing to pay the flat rate of our minimum price.

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