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      i’ve now made some great changes to the site. admin authorisation is now OFF for users to make it easier for people to join (and save me time in checking each one). To protect the site I’ve added a number of mods (custom modifications you can add to your forum)

      • turn off the website and other fields in the rego process so that there is no longer a benefit to registering a spam site on this forum

      √¢‚Ǩ¬¢ turn off being able to view the memberlist or other pages if you’re not logged in

      • if someone tries to post a website URL in their very first post, they will be denied, deleted and banned. As only spammers do this, it will kill them

      • get rid of the silly visual confirmation code during registration as I learnt this has been cracked by the spammers as they now have software that can read the code

      √¢‚Ǩ¬¢ added a cool thing in the registration process that requires someone to use their BRAIN to register (something a computer bot can’t do). It asks you to answer a simple question based on a specific fact about a random picture. Kinda cool.

      The only way we’ll get spam is if an actual evil person gets on the forum, registers with a REAL email address, does not put any naughty websites in the registration process, and posts something normal first (without website URLs) and then decides to spam. This is pretty unlikely.

      I’ve also made Laura a moderator so she can get in and delete any evil posts as well as me.

      I’ve gone and deleted hundreds of users that had registered but NOT activated (ie. their email address was probably invalid so they never received the activation email that is required to register and activate). I also deleted a number of users who were obvious spammers due to having spam websites in their profile, but I hadn’t noticed back when they originally registered.

      So all good!

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