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      I’m researching stuff to put in the Teacher Notes for King Arthur, which has its main theme being Oneness and the pitfalls of overidentification with the ego. The ego stuff comes from a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. On oprah.com, (she’s a big fan) there was some discussion. I liked this one that is relevant to what we do:


      When Katie Joel made her first appearance on The Oprah Show, she says she had A New Earth to thank for a great interview. Instead of focusing on the nervousness she was feeling, Katie says she turned her attention to the audience.

      "I looked out at them, and I saw their faces, and they looked like my mom or my aunt or my friends, and I thought, ‘Today’s really about them. It’s about them having a good time and enjoying being here on this show,’" she says. "So I took a deep breath, and I was able to leave my nerves behind and I made peace with the present moment. I sat down on that couch, and I had the best time and I enjoyed every moment of it."

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