Aladdin at Horsham West PS

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      To the Aladdin cast and crew who visited Horsham West Primary School
      on 8 October 2009,

      I am writing to commend you for delivering a fantastic performance.
      The sets and costumes were beautiful, the acting was wonderful, and
      music choices were superb. To the two male cast members I saw playing
      basketball with the grade 5/6 children before school, thankyou for
      being fabulous. I adored the way you interacted with the students,
      especially when they told you that you were too tall to play with
      them- you crouched down and kept playing! They loved it and so did I!
      Not only did you both play with the students, but during question
      time after the performance the character who played the Sultan
      addressed a student he played basketball with that morning by her
      name. It was brilliant that not only did you spend time with the
      student, but you also managed to connect with her by remembering her
      name. I wish I could have met the people from your company who came
      to the school- you must all be lovely people and completely different
      to the AFL stars and ‘handlers’ that came to the school a few weeks
      prior to your visit. The AFL stars were okay, but the people I call
      ‘handlers’ were terrible, not only speaking in an abrupt manner to the
      students but the players as well!

      I look forward to seeing another of your performances next year when,
      hopefully, I will be working full-time as a teacher. Please pass this
      email on to all of the cast and crew of Aladdin, especially the

      Megan Ryan,
      Student Teacher.

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