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      Wow – thank you Michael.

      I am inspired by your message, and am so grateful that there are people who are able to experience fully the impact we are trying to have. We recently had feedback from a inner-suburbian school in Melbourne who had found these ‘foundation shaking’ elements to be a BIG negative, and had written to complain about them. So it is great to get your message today. We very rarely get this sort of feedback as we try so hard to communicate effectively, to allow people to connect in with the work and the mission, through extensive teacher support material etc, but yeah, you can’t please everyone!

      For this school in particular, it’s a shame because we are not able to obviously change the product to abide by their feedback as then we’d just be like every other show in schools. We can only hope that like you, and 99% of all our school customers and theatres etc, that they ‘get it’ and it can be a real benefit.

      I’d love to hear more stories about discussion in the classroom or anything else. Which school are you from?

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