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      Hello Ben The performance today was the best Schools theatre group I have seen over 30 years. Well done.

      I loved the passion you were able to draw from the kids.

      The mix of technology, good music, sets, costumes, acting, humour really connected with these kids. I found the humour at an adult level very funny and noticed my colleagues into it too.

      Schools are sadly locked into a strait jacket of conventions and need to have these foundations shaken – regularly. Today your team did just that. It was OK for kids to express themselves. They felt the emotion of the messages. We as teachers try to deal with these issues but what can one do in a simple classroom with the main resource being a teacher!

      I Know. I do make a difference but my work is certainly fertilized by experiences like today.

      I saw your work as teaching tool of this new century. We need to find ways to move there and can with your help. Thank you michael

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