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      Thanks to Caryn from Naracoorte in South Australia for this email. She has some great ideas you may be able to include but we will also endeavour to get them into our teacher support asap. I thought I’d post as soon as I could so you could use now if you wanted.

      Caryn McConnell

      Naracoorte Primary School

      Box 534

      Naracoorte SA 5271

      Ph 08 87 622 277

      Email: caryn.mcconnell at

      7th March, 2007

      Dear Ben,

      RE: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

      Bet that you did not think that you would ever hear from me again – after our little chat in Woolworths yesterday. Well SURPRISE!! I love shock value – but more importantly I am a person who is true to my word.

      I have a few minutes so will jot down just a few ideas that perhaps you could utilize in your future sheets etc.

      Please, yours are great – but my kids can’t read or write and they are tired of colouring in. They are awfully young – been at school 5 weeks and a couple are only 6 weeks into their 5th year!

      So here goes:

      ? With your Prep / 1 / 2 worksheet there is too much in question 3 – this could be broken down into 3 separate questions – perhaps you could supply spaces for the children to draw their answers rather than write with a line where they could write a word or the teacher scribe for them.

      ? Young children love dot to dots – could you include simple ones that complete pictures (the pictures don’t have to be all made of dots E.g. Draw Quasimodo and dot to dot the chalice only or the sword fight) instead of all colouring in sheets?

      ? Ordering pictures is a great skill – could you have a series of pictures where the children need to order the events Ie. Main points of your play (6 pictures)

      This type of activity can be used in 2 different ways –

      1. Present the pictures in order and then the children write, retell the story – so leave space for a little writing

      2. Present the pictures in adhoc order so that the children need to cut them out, order them and then write or retell etc.

      ? Close procedures are a wonderful reading, writing skill that could be utilized for all the year levels. Ie. You write sentences and then leave out important words that the children have to add

      Eg. Quasimodo needed to be ______, _________ and _______ to make the chalice glow.

      ? Could a picture of Quasimodo please be put into the pack – I was unable to find one in the one we received – that is not to say that it went missing whilst the pack was being shared around.

      ? Feelings faces – a series of faces showing different expressions which you focus on during the pantomime could be used to highlight these feelings and further promote your main theme. Ie Draw pictures of the characters doing something E.g. Quasi making friends with Esmeralda – and the children have to fill in the facial expressions on the drawings or have the drawings and then a separate face next to the pictures for the children to fill in

      ? Could a CD with all of the songs be sent to sites prior to the pantomime in order for the students to learn and participate – I realize that you told us the songs – but finding them is not always so easy.

      ? Perhaps a simple story / black and white picture book (of your interpretation) could be created in order for the teacher / children to discuss the story and then the similarities, differences to other texts. The children could even colour them in and take them home to share with their families.

      ? Bullying was your underlying theme – perhaps a bullying picture could be included (using pictures of the characters) where the children are able to discuss what is happening and talk about what could be done to change the situation etc., or having a picture of bullying occurring and then the same character being friendly – then the children can compare and try and find the differences. Etc.

      ? Masks – thought about including master pictures of masks for us to make the main characters in order to retell the play.

      I think that your plays are the best – can I come on the payroll now? Stop laughing that sinister evil character laugh that you do so well! I hope that this has sort of helped – let me know what you think – there would be a million things we could add – I have just sat in front of this computer for 20minutes and brainstormed.

      Best of luck and hoping to hear from you in the future,


      (Reception teacher NPS)

      PS Regards to the rest of your great crew!!

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