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      hey that’s cool! I’m glad it was useful. We’re actually going to be restructuring the teacher support to make it easier to use.

      Logistics guide – just for the teacher in charge, has everything needed to prepare for the day

      Pre-show – handed out before the show to all teachers, but reorganised to show ‘learning area’ and objective etc so teachers know what each topic is about.

      Post-show – not handed out until after the show so teachers don’t get overwhelmed with documentation. They will be keen to use this after the show, but it’s a separate pack and has the same format as the pre-show.

      Worksheets – as always, these will be separate, we’ve also added Year 7-8 versions

      The updated teacher support will occur for each show just before the NEXT tour of each show (we don’t have time to do them all at once).

      so if you’re having a show in the future you will be getting an updated one so wait for that before you download them.

      thanks sam for your feedback and those sound like great ways to use the show, telling their own ending etc. I love the stuff around Jamie and how we helped him have the confidence and courage like you said, it’s great they ‘got’ all that and took it on board.

      thanks and see you soon (hopefully?)

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