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      This is quite remarkable. I wish I had more experience of seeing what happens in a classroom after a show. We’re always on a whirlwind trip to the next school or town.

      Love to hear more about the discussion and the reflections.

      You can just keep posting to this post if you like.

      There is an unseen and non-announced factor to all Alpha Shows done recently that is not discussed or mentioned but is definitely felt. Not by all yet, but I can sense the increasing energy and resulting effects it is starting to have. I would be very keen on knowing what your experiences with this are, especially with regard to any small (or large) positive changes in the levels of love, joy, contribution, giving, appreciation, cooperation, loss of selfishness, increase in sense of connectedness/oneness, less focus on separation between others or the dissolving of any negative patterns that had been persistent.

      Thank you again for posting. Year 5 is a great year level and I’m pleased we have some context for the comments now.

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