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      GDay Ben When we came back to the classroom after the Cinderella performance I asked the kids to get their playlunch. They sat down in silence and ate. I mean silence they were just blown away by the experience. It was a windy blustery day the sort of day when kids are loud and noisy and unsettled. silence. I asked them whats going on – No real answer. I think they were deeply thinking about what they had just experienced. Later we started to note down some of their ideas so will pass them on. Kids of the 21C actively construct their own meanings and your show was certainly a good stimulus. The kids at all grade levels were totally engaged.

      To me a 21C experience is open ended, hits the senses in many ways, is complex and challenging and demands responsibility to connect. I can see your next themes about drugs, health oh I am rushing ahead too fast. You are on the right track you will make a difference I look forward to your next production Michael Hoffmann Grade 5 teacher St Mary’s PS Bairnsdale

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