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      I’ll add another one I heard today.

      A teacher rang me wanting to book 2 shows, her daughters had seen Hunchback at another school, and apparently they STILL talk about it! This was from a show back in September 2004! Most especially for 6 weeks or so afterwards they were crazy about it and repeating all the lines from the show, and they STILL remember the lines to this day! Now they are totally “in to” theatre and want to do shows and go see more theatre. She was so impressed with the impact it had had on her daughters that she wanted to book for her own school.

      It’s really great to hear as we here at Alpha don’t always get to hear about these types of ‘wins’, not until, at least, we come back the next year to do the next show at the school!

      Again, I’d really love to see more contributions on here, these stories are what keeps everyone passionate about this stuff.

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