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      i received this from a teacher today:


      Just wanted to say thanks again to you and your team for your outstanding performance at our school yesterday.

      We had rehearsals for our school musical immediately after and many of the main cast were so inspired by what they had just witnessed. As co-director of the school musical it was truly wonderful to hear the children talk about the tips they had picked up, just through the experience of watching another group perform. They were mightily impressed by the ability to make ‘mistakes’ part of the overall performance, something you can tell them but they have a hard time believing! Moving and talking in character was also something that they noticed, especially during question time when some of the actors were very different to the characters they had played.

      So I wanted to thank you and your team, not only for the brilliant show, but also for inspiring our young performers. With less than a week to go until our first performance, it was just the bit of extra encouragement that they (and their teachers) needed.

      See you next year for Sleeping Beauty!

      Bron “

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