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      As always, you can find full copies to download of many activities and beneficial things to do with children before and after and Alpha show. Go to

      This thread is for all the teachers and supervisors of children to discuss what worked and the ‘wins’ that happened relating to an Alpha show.

      I’ll start off by remembering a teacher very excited in our first Beauty and the Beast tour. I can’t remember the school, but it was an average school, but not an average student. The teacher was so excited because one of her students was autistic and she could never get him to concentrate on anything for very long. She enthusiastically told us that she had NEVER seen him be like he was with our show – he sat for the full 90 minutes, absolutely mesmerised by the entire show, and even responded in the expected ways as he yelled out and answered the questions during the show.

      This was especially rewarding for me and I know the rest of the cast, as we continue to get children and everyone excited about theatre. And it’s also interesting when there seems to be this limiting belief out there that children’s theatre:

      1. Can only be 45-50 minutes long

      2. Doesn’t need to be ‘as good’ as adult theatre.

      I have always seriously challenged these limits and been proved time and time again with the 70000 children we have performed for or are about to this year (2005)… Children deserve real quality theatre just the same as adults, and if an autistic boy can be mesmerised and concentrate for 90 minutes, so can any child! And they do, and they love it.

      I welcome and look forward to reading any discussion and responses on this topic, as well as the ‘wins’ you’ve had as well!

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