Theatre Captains – suggestions for what they can do

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      We had a teacher today ask what the assigned ‘theatre captains’ can do – students who get assigned to be in charge of our visit!

      Usually Year 6ers…

      Here is what we came up with!

      • Read our website, and the teacher support documents.
      • Learn Fly Away and choreograph a dance, or look on facebook to see the Alpha SHows videos where you can see almost a full fly away being performed and learn our choreography. Then encourage others during the show to perform it with the cast.
      • Encourage the audience to yell out and make a whole bunch of noise (at the appropriate times) during the show Рthe cast always love a rock concert like audience! But then help to quieten down people at more dramatic moments to get the full effect of the character journeys
      ‚Ä¢ practice and think about what they might like to ‘wish’ for in their own life, and encourage other students to come up with a list. So that they have a few ideas of what they might wish for during the show and have a REASON to delve into the emotions (that bad ones) that might block them from getting what they desire.
      • prepare a thank you for the cast that they deliver after question time on the microphone
      • Come to the hall (with a teacher) during set up and help or learn about things (time permitting), the set, how it works etc
      • play full out during the show Рprove that they love performing by performing themselves from the audience! cast will gravitate to interact with those with the most energy automatically.
      • Write a review for the school newsletter, come interview the cast, take pictures, videos etc.
      • send in to local newspaper, organise the media (local paper or whatever, news tv) to come film the show
      • encourage students to get on the website ( or facebook (if permitted by parents) and write to the cast

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