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      Featuring Mike Hammond as "TIE Guy" and Ben Jackson as "Alpha guy".


      Just a bit of fun we had for a day of shooting out in our auditorium. We based the ads on the famous "Apple" ads where they made fun of PC, with Mac and PC talking about their differences. PC Guy was hilarious and we think Mike did an awesome job of parodying both the "PC Guy" and a traditional Theatre-in-Education performer, the stereotype of one anyway.

      We feel it important to point out how we are nothing like what some people still think of when thinking about Theatre-in-education. We’ve seen some, shall we say, interesting things in our time but certainly not everything. We’ve more heard from teachers and students of sub-standard things going into school. Just 2 days ago I had a teacher tell me that it was hard to get participation for TIE at their school because some of the older students have been disappointed by disengaging and "boring" shows that have come to their school.

      This is our response to this lack of quality and engagement, especially for older students (our shows also go to High schools now).

      Let us know what you think on the poll, and please elaborate in your post!


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