• benjackson posted an update 6 years, 4 months ago

    • Like the new names and pricing of the packages – very clear and cool sounding. The titles for the different show options just need to be changed to the new names. Did you get my reply to your last e-mail about @Home?

      Also, I’m not getting e-mail notifications anymore when people post on forum subjects I’m following or when people are mentioning me with an @. Do you know how I can get that back?

      Thanks Ben!

      • The site is cached now, I have to reset the cache for non-logged in users every time i make a change which means you might get an older version. Check now, it should show the updates to the names.

        Which reply?

        I don’t get it – i wasn’t getting replies for eons from the site, i fix it, as per Jacqui’s request, and now I’m getting every little reply and comment to my email address, and none of you are. I really don’t know.

      • When did the emails from the site that you’re talking about stop for you?

        • Yeah, I can see all the updated names there now, thanks.

          Was a reply I sent a couple of days ago. I’ll resend, just in case.

          I stopped getting notifications ages ago, I think last year? I’ve only really taken notice and been actively trying to fix it recently, but they haven’t been coming for a long time now.

          • yeah that’s ok then, I actually deactived the plugins when i put the site onto our dedicated server, trying to keep the speed up. I only reactivated them the other day. Once I did, I started getting all the emails again. I really think it’s some issue with settings. Don’t use daily digest that’s what jacqui said she was using.

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