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    - "Sorry for the spam user that registered an account and sent everyone stupid messages. I’ve deleted them and added a new security measure to block people from sending lots of messages. You can also now go into your […]"View
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    - "Loving the new website!"View
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    - "#twitter Look which show is returning to the @AlphaShows touring circuit this year…. #123YOUROCK #ThelegendofHercules #BOOKTODAY #ChilderensTheartre #sayyes #GETEXCITED"View
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    - "@benjackson Hey Mate! My profile is now working a charm on here! Thanks for fixing it =D"View
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    - "Now THAT’S the way to start the week – with over 600 girls and boys cheering and screaming and just making the show ridiculous fun. Thanks Killara Primary, you guys rock!"View
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    - "Day 3 of Sleeping Beauty rehearsals. Going great!!!"View
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    - "Back home now in Perth!!! see you again in October 😀"View
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