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Unpaid Contributors.

The heart of Alpha are the passionate, creative people who create the shows and work day and night to make it possible to get these shows out to schools, theatre and communities successfully. This happens only because they forgo payment and volunteer their time!



Almost every other theatre company in Australia receives some sort of support from an arts council, funding body or corporation, or financial support to help tour a production regionally etc etc. Alpha doesn’t. It only continues to run because of the contributions of its hard working management team. Alpha therefore has no excess funds to support new projects to help expand its reach with the shows’ powerful messages.


Making a difference.

There isn’t a theatre company like Alpha. Its shows are unique, in that they take classic stories and use them as metaphors for our own lives, creating new emotional learnings about love and truth. The impact on Australia’s society, its children, and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing is profound. We currently perform to almost 100,000 children a year. Imagine how many we could reach with your support.

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How you can help.


Donate money.

[blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”]”We have always been proud that we haven’t received financial support from any organisation. Our artistic creations speak for themselves, and people like what they experience. But with donations and corporate support we can do more…” – Ben[/blockquote]

So of course, you can donate money. We use this money to fund future expansion and methods to not only improve the shows and their impact, but reach new communities. However, we have to be smart in how we use this money, as giant marketing campaigns don’t work and are a waste of money. The best way we can use the money is by providing free shows to new areas that haven’t experienced the shows before. This injects some energy into the area, with the messages of truth and love, and has a measurable impact on everyone in that area.

So, if you donate more than $1500 this ensures your money will go to support at least 1 new free show for a new school or community. You can even let us know your preferred area for a visit and we will try to get there. All free shows are performed on a ‘by-donation’ basis. On the day there will be a donation box for people to donate funds to support the costs of the event.

To donate funds, either click on the paypal donate button above, or deposit funds into the following bank account:

Alpha Shows Pty Ltd
Acc: 216505
BSB: 704-191
Ref: Donation


Sponsor the company

We have a sponsorship package available for your company, with various options and levels of financial commitments. The benefits for corporate sponsorship with Alpha are quite unique, as we directly interact with a very specific demographic every day. You can partner with us to really establish your brand as a youth orientated brand. Sponsorship is limited to a minimum financial amount.

Alpha Shows is a responsible company and would never team with another corporation promoting any unloving behaviour towards animals, the environment or humans.

For details on sponsorship, send us a message from the contact page and we can send you a detailed document.


Spread the word.

Marketing these shows is almost impossible. A brochure to a school or theatre gets perceived as ‘just another show’ and 99% of the time ends up in the bin or ignored. It’s very hard to help a new group to understand the experience without having been at a show. Even then, some people shut off in judgement, so it’s imperative to get to the RIGHT people in Australia, who understand the messages and can see their power. Passionate people in key areas of theatre, television, education and personal development who can best help us expand our reach would be perfect to connect up with.

Use our facebook page or the video page on this website to show people the promo movies we have, but even then, it doesn’t capture the true experience. Gather people, invite them, email us for a schedule (as it’s not on this website) – all are welcome to come to any of our shows to get a better idea so we can work with you to reach new areas.

We currently tour to South Australia, Victoria, Canberra, Sydney and some regional NSW, and the Brisbane area. We are attempting to expand to Tasmania. We are based in Melbourne so perform the majority of our shows here or in regional Victoria, and we would ideally like to do more here as well as any area we currently already tour to.

And remember – we are very grateful for your enthusiasm and thank you for your assistance!


Volunteer Crew

If you just love what we do and don’t have money to give or any contacts with new venues or key people, then you’re very much welcome to just help out! Our actors work incredibly hard every day doing the shows. If you want to come help out and volunteer your time and muscles to carry things, set up equipment, or just generally be a part of the fun, we’d love and welcome your support! Get involved, learn the culture, feel the purpose of what we’re attempting to achieve, and you will be very much valued on tour, in rehearsals, or helping out with anything we have to make happen. It can be incredibly rewarding for you too, as we practice what we preach. We actively live and talk about emotions and the causes behind the circumstances in our lives, and spending time in the Alpha world can be life changing, as many would attest to.

To volunteer your time, email us at

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