Social & Emotional Learning aligned stories. Powerful and life changing theatre for children.

Bigger, Louder, Better.

Proven to be loved by a broader age range of children. Suitable for Preps all the way up to Year 10. Download PDF Brochure

Emotionally Conscious

Children today are overloaded and addicted to screens. To engage and create empowering alternatives, we create a funny, fast-paced, powerful, dramatic and memorable theatrical event, that incorporates SEL themes in the most impactful way possible – with interactive live theatre. Watch the video

Full Theatrical Stories.

You are giving your students the best theatrical experience available in schools. Full sets, major musical level lighting and sound – no need to take expensive trips to the theatre, we’ll create one for you in your venue!  See all shows

” …your show would have to be one of the best if not the best. Absolutely brilliant, feedback from students and staff has been overwhelming. Well Done Indeed! We’ll definitely be using you again… ” – Wonthaggi Primary School (VIC)

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Values Education.

Incredible ‘real’ quality theatre as a way to create new learnings on an unconscious level. Read more about how the shows will work with your curriculum

Real impact.

Unlike most shows in schools, Alpha’s values-themed shows really do engage like a favorite comic book movie or sports game. Really. The fun jokes of a “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The drama and ethical dilemmas of a “Superman”. The life-changing character journeys of a binge-worthy series on Netflix. And the cheering and team support of a game of footy. This means they’re learning stuff without realising it. Stuff that matters. Stuff that helps them live more empowered and happy lives. And because it’s in the form of a live performance, it can be tailored to the audience to ensure it’s really being embedded as life skills forever. See below for some examples of how we engage children through the values in our shows.

Alpha’s shows fit together as one set of life changing social & emotional learning themes presented over a student’s years at primary school and early high school


Going through the emotional process of releasing error-based beliefs we’ve learned along the way, so that we can truly ‘believe in ourselves’ at the soul level, not just as an intellectual construct. Beauty and the Beast


Making choices based on love and truth, instead of fear, requires going through the doubts and fears emotionally, releasing them, and opening up to your own inate courage and confidence. Sleeping Beauty


Creating true heroes, ones that can step up and serve from a humble place. Once you realise the truth about what a true hero is, you can go out there and make it happen. Learning how to be victorious without fighting. Hercules


Being out of harmony with truth has disatrous consequences for our lives. To emotionally understand why truth is so imperative in our personal conduct in life is one of the most powerful learnings we can absorb in our souls. Little Mermaid


Our show promoting anti-bullying. Taking responsibility for the painful events of our lives and processing that pain emotionally, leads to a more powerful body and soul, one that naturally is healthy and creates an awesome life. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t feel like you’re worthy of love or not good enough? Allowing the grief to flow through tears opens the heart to feel worthy again, to feel a greater sense of self-worth. Cinderella


Now it’s time to make stuff happen – to make it real. By being humble with their emotions and release the blocks to their desires, children can tap into their creative power, and the power of their emotions and how to use them to get whatever it is they want in life. Aladdin


Emotionally accepting the truth that everyone is equal; not less than, and not better than anyone else. Creating equality on the planet, will lead to love and truth being honoured above all else. King Arthur


Coming into alignment with who we truly are so that we can move past fear, create our destiny and take care of those most important to us. Snow Queen


Finding the true meaning of the Holidays and the message of love of all religions. Scrooge

World class standards of theatre – right in your school.

World class standards of children's theatre

More Performers

Six cast members in movie-length, musical rock concerts.

Large, changing theatrical sets.

The shows look like any big stage show at a theatre – in your school.

“…Children will take with them an experience to last a lifetime. We can make a different to all! So many have never had this opportunity before…fully engaged in a full theatrical experience!” – Singleton Heights PS (NSW)

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Cheaper, easier and a pleasure to experience.


We’ll spend time with your students.

We find that students are inspired to not only follow our example of living life to the full, having fun and being your best, but also to find new ways to be even more creative and passionate. Our shows have an impact far beyond the performance, and we always are amazed at the details of the event remembered by students when we return in subsequent years.

We’ll do everything for you.

On the day, the cast of six performers will create theatre for you, before your very eyes. You will be amazed at how we are able to set up a full theatrical experience so quickly right in your school.

We’ll give you support.

Even though our shows are priced competitively and far cheaper than a trip to a theatre with tickets and transport, we not only give you an amazing product on the day, we will be here to support you in making a decision, scheduling a date, and any other issues that arise for you.

We’ll help you teach.

All shows come with extensive teacher support and curriculum relevant material that you can use to make the most of the event. Packs that are applicable to both before and after the show are available on the website once you register.



Flat Rate Pricing


  • For schools with less than 150 total enrolment. Whole school P-6 must attend.

Per Student Pricing


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 115 students). For less than whole school bookings.

Per Student Annual Subscription


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 180 students). Whole school P-6 must attend and you must prebook 3 separate shows over 36 months. This is also our rebooking rate if you rebook on the day of your show and subscribe for annual visits.

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