Run on passion.

We invest all of our heart, soul and passion into creating the shows that Alpha produces. Each touring season is carefully crafted by a local creative team of theatre and educational professionals. Written, directed, produced and curated all in Australia.  Watch the videos

Small business

Alpha is the epitome of a small company. Run from a customized fitted out warehouse in Altona North, just west of the Melbourne CBD, the company wastes no resources. All resources, funds and income generated is funnelled back into making the company better and better.

Completely independent.

The company is not affiliated with any large multi-national corporation. We  have the creative power and freedom to mould each production precisely to our vision and to your needs. No funding bodies, government councils or corporations have ever supported us and we run solely on donations and the money received from putting on our shows.

Food for the soul.

When experiencing an Alpha show, one cannot escape the feeling that something special is occurring at almost every single performance. Passionate carers of children always comment about how they love to watch their faces during the show. Even with older children, it’s always powerful to witness a new awakening, an appreciation of the humour and positivity in the message inherent in these classic archetypical stories.

We choose the stories we then turn into full production musicals for very good reasons. There is magic in every story. There is something that automatically touches us very deeply, in our hearts. And with a bit of tweaking, we can expand and enhance the message to make it even more relevant to our lives in the 21st century, and the emotional challenges we all face.

Each of the 10 productions integrate to form a core message of truth and love. Check out the brief rundown of the core value in each show:

“…we are our own company, and we alone focus on creativity & the messages… we get the job done, and get the best shows we can tour out to Australia” – Ben


Going through the emotional process of releasing error-based beliefs we’ve learned along the way, so that we can truly ‘believe in ourselves’ at the soul level, not just as an intellectual construct. Beauty and the Beast


Making choices based on love and truth, instead of fear, requires going through the doubts and fears emotionally, releasing them, and opening up to your own inate courage and confidence. Sleeping Beauty


Creating true heroes, ones that can step up and serve from a humble place. Once you realise the truth about what a true hero is, you can go out there and make it happen. Learning how to be victorious without fighting. Hercules


Being in harmony with truth has wonderful consequences for our lives. To emotionally understand why truth is so imperative in our personal conduct in life is one of the most powerful learnings we can absorb. Little Mermaid


Our show promoting anti-bullying. Taking responsibility for the painful events of our lives and processing that pain emotionally, leads to a more powerful body and soul, one that naturally is healthy and creates an awesome life. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


What’s the point of doing anything if you don’t feel like you’re worthy of love or not good enough? Allowing the grief to flow through tears opens the heart to feel worthy again, to feel a greater sense of self-worth. Cinderella


Now it’s time to make stuff happen – to make it real. By being humble with their emotions and release the blocks to their desires, children can tap into their creative power, and the power of their emotions and how to use them to get whatever it is they want in life. Aladdin


Emotionally accepting the truth that everyone is equal; not less than, and not better than anyone else. Creating equality on the planet, will lead to love and truth being honoured above all else. King Arthur


Coming into alignment with who we truly are so that we can move past fear, create our destiny and take care of those most important to us. Snow Queen


Finding the true meaning of Christmas. Scrooge

Garage start

Like many great companies today run by passionate people, Alpha literally started in a garage.



Unlike other children’s theatre or theatre-in-education companies that exist to fund the owners other passions, Alpha is run with the intention to grow and improve constantly, so all profits are reinvested to achieve this purpose.



The company began in 2002 with an idea to bring real, quality theatre to primary schools. In about October Ben realised he needed to get on to marketing with a brochure mailout to the schools for 2003, as a teacher he knew mentioned that they often made their decisions quite early. So the entire family got together sticking address labels to envelopes and stuffing brochures in there – which took weeks! About 30 schools took a chance with our very first production of Beauty and the Beast, that went on tour after a year of planning in October 2003.

Virtually all of these schools rebooked for our second production in August 2004 of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But instead of retiring Beauty and the Beast for the year, we had 3 separate tours of the show! One in term 1 2004, one over mid-year where we first took the show to the Fun4Kids festival in Warrnambool, and one after Hunchback.

Adding one new show every year, meant we were kept busy doing more and more shows as well as the work it took to make a new production. Over the years we also went back and started over with some of the older shows, Beauty and the Beast and Huncback both virtually unrecognisable now to their original versions which were adapted from various pantomime versions of the shows.

Nowadays the shows bare little resemblance to anything pantomime, and now present depth within the scripts and characters, sophisticated and engaging humour pitched at multiple levels, and dramatic and powerful emotional scenes.

In 2009 we completely overhauled Beauty and the Beast and presented that as our ‘new’ show in 2010, our first year of not producing a new title. In 2011 we created The Little Mermaid, in 2016 A Christmas Scrooge and in 2017 our most ambitious show yet, The Snow Queen.

In 2022, the ‘2nd era’ of Alpha Shows ended as the team who had been running and touring the company since 2011 left to pursue other opportunities (although are still involved especially in the stage combat training and administration) and Ben once again took the reins full time. He then went about streamlining and completely revolutionizing the scripts, tech, sets, lighting, sound to increase the quality, efficiency and impact the shows all have. Every show since 2022 has been rewritten with updated messaging, deeper characters, more impactful storylines and dramatic impact, and an overall refreshing of all aspects of every part of every production. As Alpha Shows enters it’s 3rd era and 3rd decade of touring, we are positioned to expand and grow beyond anything in the past.


As we have learnt more about our own emotions, psychological techniques and how to create a more fulfilling life, we have immediately implemented these ideas into the shows. What exists today is a solid track record of impacting thousands of children around Australia, some who have had life changing experiences that we now know about – as they come tell us! – and even some come work for us now they’re adults! What remains is the shows messages of love and truth and humility as being the foundation for joy and peace in our lives – now even more clear and powerful.  We are very passionate about using the shows as an impactful and imaginative way to communicate these ideas to Australians to help make a difference to those seeking truth and wanting a better world.

Whilst we tour the same shows every year, no year is the same as the previous year. Every time we update the script and other elements, sometimes doing a complete rehaul of everything when we figure out a better way – Ben

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