Which part am I suitable for?

Browse through the types of parts available and decide which part you would most suit. When you apply for your audition, you can select one or a few Archetypes you think you would like to be considered for. Alpha Shows has literally hundreds of characters you could be cast in, so we audition under an Archetype system. So choose one or more Archetypes and perform those in your audition. Remember, all characters sing, some just in character voices, so we always will need to hear you sing in your audition.

Most Company Cast Members play multiple roles in each show, so ensure you show contrast in the roles you choose to perform in your audition. You may be cast in a show that requires you to perform a ‘Wise’ Archetype for one character, and a ‘Comedy’ Archetype for another, in the same show. Even many of our ‘Principal’ roles also play an additional archetype, so ensure you show us your range in the Archetypes you choose.

Note that many of our characters originated from ideas as a collaboration between Alpha’s writer/producer and the actors that first played the part. Their heritage might have resulted in a character being created that isn’t appropriate for you to play. We honor this by allowing follow up characterizations to embrace your heritage or to be adaptable to the types of roles appropriate for you to play, given your cultural and ethnic background. We would never ask someone to perform something that results in any type of cultural appropriation – however, there is a line where this becomes untenable or non-sensical. All acting is ‘appropriation’, as you are always playing a role that is not yourself. We cannot always cast completely in alignment with all cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our characters and balance these sensitivities by also incorporating the general principle of ‘merit based casting’, and cast appropriately within those constraints. Accents or ideas for characters are suggestions only, usually based on an appropriate performance from the past. Every production we produce (and re-produce) is done with great care to responsibly represent the diversity of Australian culture.

Alpha Shows endeavours to cast a diverse range of performers for all characters, regardless of how they may be typically portrayed throughout pop culture. We invite BIPOC, First Nations People, LGBTQ+ and other individuals to apply for all roles. Alpha Shows seeks to include wide representation of all facets of society to assist us in our endeavour for Emotional Intelligence.


A Villain archetype is the main antagonist of the story. You’ll need to be big and over the top, with a love of tormenting the audience and the hero. They always perform a villain song and always are involved in some form of stage combat. You should be ready for lots of boos, and delight in encouraging it for maximum engagement. A Villain should have layers and not be a one dimensional cartoon villain, but instead have a complex relationship with the hero and themselves, as they battle their own demons. They should have impeccable vocal skills to ensure the audience hears you even over massive chat-back and boos, and be flexible with the ability to adlib to get an audience back on track whilst maintaining the opportunity for them to love/hate you!

Download the Villain Archetype Sides


A principal archetype is the main hero and protagonist/s of the story. You’ll need to be authentic, likeable, and emotionally aware of yourself and your character. They always face challenges and have to overcome difficult emotions. They always perform multiple songs, so you should have a fantastic singing voice and/or training, along with dance ability. Sometimes the hero will have some stage combat, depending on the story. Ideally you have the ability to have everyone around you immediately love you and think of you highly, as someone they would want to become one day. Skillset should include being flexible and certain to keep the plot and story moving along especially with audiences that like to get off-track booing a villain or losing focus for other reasons. There is always an on-stage kiss so being comfortable expressing love and romance –having an open heart to the power of love — is essential as well!

Download the Principal Archetype Sides


A Wise archetype is the primary driver of the stories message and social & emotional learning themes. You must be excellent at learning long slabs of dialogue that become part of your identity and change and mold to every audience depending on their needs, and embody in your heart and soul the passion for changing lives through a theatrical empowerment process that is embedded in every show. The Wise archetype is also funny and must have comedic skills, and probably also sings and dances in at least 1 or 2 numbers! You should be able to vocalize with a fast pace, with impeccable diction and vocal tonal control for maximum engagement and understanding. They interact a lot with the principals and guide them along on their hero’s journey.

Download the Wise Archetype Sides


A Comedy archetype is the primary way many of the children in the audience will connect with the show. This archetype is essentially a representation of the audience, saying the things they wish they could say to adults, and finding joy and silliness in everything that happens. The classic ‘sidekick’ to either a principal or villain, there’s a great variety of roles available and every show manifests this archetype in slightly different ways. You should be comedically quick, ready to adlib, naturally hilarious, have impeccable diction and strong clear vocals, and also ready to perform song and dance numbers in an energetic and engaging way that ensures the audience is always having fun, even for the ones who hate the songs!

Download the Comedy Archetype Sides

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