Make it mean just that little bit more

Sometimes we lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas with all the gifts and commercialism. Alpha’s take on ‘A Christmas Carol’ shows how Scrooge’s greed and focus on money is his weakness. Learn more


Classic Story

Based on Charles Dickins classic tale, this entirely original story uses the classic literature masterpiece as the basis for a new story about the true meaning of Christmas. Learn more

Big Production Values

Another beautiful large set, custom made, including Scrooge’s house and the town, with a huge backdrop. You’ll never believe we could set up all this in 90 minutes! Read more


Touring every year since 2016

Our special Christmas show tours every Christmas! It is made to be a special extra show in addition to your main Alpha show! Learn more

About the Show

Alpha’s Scrooge is an original story about the son of the original Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’, who has had some bad experiences with Christmas and, with the help of the somewhat superficial members of the town, finds the real meaning of Christmas, about love, kindness and family.



Want to have some fun this Christmas whilst also learning how to go beyond the over-commercialisation of the silly season? This is the show for you!

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Details for Theatres

  1. Suitable for all audiences, families work well, age 3 upwards to age 16+
  2. Modular set, 10 metres wide, height 4.2m. Fits perfectly on a stage, connects to wings.
  3. Price for 1 show $2000 + GST (max audience 250)
  4. Price for 2 shows $3100 + GST (max audience 400)

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Details for Schools

  1. Modular set, about 9 metres wide. Height clearance about 4.2 metres
  2. Suitability: Prep/Kinders/Pre-school to Year 6 in Primary Schools, Year 7 to Year 12 in High Schools (we can adapt show for older audiences)
  3. Duration: 90 minutes + Question Time / Set up time: 90 minutes
  4. Space needed: 10m x 10m cleared space (MINIMUM)
  5. Power: 3 phase OR 2 power points on separate circuits
  6. Fog Machine: venue must have smoke detectors isolated
  7. Snow Machine: no special preparation needed
  8. Show start (approx): 9:15am or 1:45pm/1:30pm (for 1 show); 9:15am/11:30am (2 shows)
  9. Cast arrive at 7:45am or 12pm

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Show Trailer

Flat Rate Pricing


  • For audiences of 100 or less
  • if the entire school community (all students) are attending.

Flat Rate Pricing


  • For audiences of 100 or less
  • if only a few grade levels are attending

Per Student Pricing


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 100 students)
  • if only a few grade levels are attending

Per Student Pricing


+ GST per student
  • Price per student (min audience 125 students)
  • if the entire school community (all students) are attending and you prebook 3 separate shows over 36 months

Conditions of Booking

  1. A booking deposit of $400 applies at time of booking to secure you a place in our schedule to obtain a date assignment. It does not lock in other details (like audience size). Alpha does not take bookings without a deposit.
  2. A specific date and time cannot be guaranteed (even if you have paid a deposit); although we will work with you to find the best time suitable. Booking deposits do not secure dates, but a place in our schedule, which will continue to be a floating booking until we find you a date that is mutually acceptable.
  3. The booking deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances
  4. A cancellation fee of $500 (per show/day) in addition to the booking deposit applies to all cancellations received up to 7 days before show.
  5. PLUS other conditions, click link to read full terms

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