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Welcome to the Alpha Shows Online Actor Application Form! To apply for an audition with Alpha, all you need do is fill out the following form. After you have received an email saying application received, you are good to go! Further details will be emailed upon receipt of application.

Actor Application Form

    Section I: Basic Information

  • Section II: Acting Training and Experience

  • Outline some roles you've played that would indicate you can easily perform in the style of Alpha Shows. If you have a CV with all this on, you don't have to fill it all out, this is here so if you don't have a CV you can use this instead.
  • Please fill out all sections if you're not attaching an acting CV. Either way, we need to get a quick summary of the work and training you have done that is relevant to Alpha Shows.
  • Section III: Working for Alpha

  • Section IV: Final Checks

  • Section V: Upload Supporting Documents

  • Please click on the 'choose file' buttons below and select both your performance CV and a headshot to attach to this application, as well as your WWCC. You can also include a third attachment (eg. a different headshot) if you choose. It's best to submit a headshot as a separate JPEG attachment (not in your CV, and not as a separate word document with a picture in it), that way we see you every time we look at the email application rather than only when we load up your CV.


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