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Welcome to the Alpha Shows Online Actor Application Form! To apply for an audition with Alpha, all you need do is fill out the following form. After you have received an email saying application received, you are good to go! Further details will be emailed upon receipt of application.

Alpha Audition Application

  • Section I: Basic Information

  • Your legal name for contracts
  • Where you currently reside!
  • This is just needed for contracts and employee paperwork and to ensure you are over 18 once the contract commences. We don't care about your age 😉
  • Do you have a website, or a youtube link to a reel, or something interesting about you that you want to tell us about?
  • Soprana, Alto, Tenor, Baritone etc.
  • Lowest to highest notes you can sing consistently
  • We are a Melbourne based company and need all actors to be permanently or temporarily Melbourne based here. Our company is headquartered in inner Melbourne, just west of the West Gate. If you choose the 4th option, it would be difficult for us to offer you a role, just FYI!
  • Whilst sometimes we are looking for a specific cast member for a role and only that role, we generally desire to work with people who are passionate about what we do and want to work as much as possible
  • This is useful to know for driving and what competency you have to drive our van. If you are a confident/skilled driver you're more likely to get a job as we always need help with the driving of our touring vehicle.
  • Not required, as we have a tour vehicle, just handy to know
  • This increases your chances of being hired - plus you are paid more! The position involves driving to most venues and having competency (either prior or we will train you) in backing a trailer into some tight spots to get it as close to the venue as possible for easy setups.
  • Tour Managers are paid more. You would not be offered this on your first or even second tour most likely, but if you are great on tour, we always have a need for great ambassadors of the company to take on more responsibility and manage a tour.
  • Section II: Acting Training and Experience

  • Outline some roles you've played that would indicate you can easily perform in the style of Alpha Shows. If you have a CV with all this on, you don't have to fill it all out, this is here so if you don't have a CV you can use this instead.

    Please fill out all sections if you're not attaching an acting CV. Either way, we need to get a quick summary of the work and training you have done that is relevant to Alpha Shows.
  • Professional work is only work you have been paid for
  • Professional work is only work you have been paid for
  • Professional work is only work you have been paid for
  • Something that shows you are a professional and can be relied upon to turn up on time, do the job, get paid, and be hassle free.
  • Things that are more useful for our shows: Stage combat, ballet on pointe, gymnastics training, etc.
  • Section III: Working for Alpha

  • Being on an Alpha Shows tour is a unique experience. You are closely working in a team of 6 performers. We have to make sure every team gets along. If you have any personality quirks, tell us about them here! Or feel free to tell us anything you like so we can get to know you better. We want to make sure you would be supported and be put on the right team with the right people for you.
  • Section IV: Final Checks

    We need to ensure you understand a few things about working with Alpha before you submit an application.
  • If you need to review it before checking the following: View the Alpha Pay Structure
  • It's ok if you do, we just need to know so we can let you know the company policy about where and when this is appropriate
  • We'd just like to keep tabs on how people talk about the company. "From a friend" doesn't help us much. Who? Or which website? Or specific Facebook group?
  • Just so we know about the details of your audition
  • Section V: Upload Supporting Documents

  • Please click on the 'choose file' buttons below and select both your performance CV and a headshot to attach to this application, as well as your WWCC. You can also include a third attachment (eg. a different headshot) if you choose. It's best to submit a headshot as a separate JPEG attachment (not in your CV, and not as a separate word document with a picture in it), that way we see you every time we look at the email application rather than only when we load up your CV.
  • We'd prefer it in PDF format, as that's the easiest way to view it, and it displays exactly how you want it to. If you don't have one, just fill in the fields above for your experience and training!
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, doc, pages, txt.
  • Must have .jpg or .png as file extension. Do not put your picture into a word document, as it won't show up as a picture then. This is required, we must see what you look like. It's ok if it's not a professional headshot!
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, pdf.
  • All Alpha Shows Company Cast Members must have their WWCC card. This is now a law. Please attach a scan/photo of your card here. If you do not yet have it, please be aware that we must receive it before the beginning of any contract. By law, you cannot perform in our shows or enter venues that have children present without the card.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, png.
  • Extra headshot, referral letter, cover letter, whatever else you think might be appropriate to support your application.
    Drop files here or

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